Tour Las Gatas Beach

This is a guided tour, spend 4 hrs in the best beach of our nice destination we will starts at the pier on a normal

ferry boat to this beach located in front of Zihuatanejo´s bay, a boat ride trough the bay for about 10 minutes

then we will arrive to a nice restaurant, there will be beach services, lunge chairs, palapa´s shade. This little cove in the bay of Zihuatanejo is very famous, because of his wave breaker, which was hand made. The last Purepecha Indian King, Caltzonzin, he sent to build this wave breaker, with the purpose of making this beach quite and safe for his wives, the Queens… further information about the history of this place will be narrated by your tour guide.

Las Gatas beach is one of a kind, Beach with natural reef in Zihuatanejo bay (accessible only boat) perfect for

swimming, snorkeling because of their calm waters. Come with us and enjoy of this paradise A truly pleasure day of fun relaxation.

Duration: Aproximately  3.00 Hrs.

Price $ 33.00